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Meet The Judges

Joe Colton



Joe Colton Cosplay grew up loving all things geek and sci-fi, from 80s movies to cartoon to comic books and has been costuming, modeling, and acting since 2009. You’ve seen her portraying characters from various fandoms, including, but not limited to: Scarlett and Baroness (GI Joe), Hela, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Dark Phoenix (Marvel), Wonder Woman, Mera, Catwoman (DC), Judge Dredd, K'Ehleyr, Deanna Troi, (Star Trek), Madame Vastra and 13th Doctor (Dr. Who), Snow White and Zarina (Disney), as well as characters of her own design Joe frequently appears as a guest, panelist, contest judge, and fan at pop-culture conventions nationwide. She is the Cover Model for Women of Cosplay and has been featured on Cosplay and Babes, The FansPOV, Cosplay and Comics, Sharing Cosplay, Cosplay Amino Fans, as well as many other. Joe Colton was voted to be in April 2018 issue of Cosplayzine and the Staff Choice for the August 2018 cover! She recently ended her 8 years of service as Commanding Officer of the Finest: a GI Joe Costume Club (10 years on the Command Staff), whose charity projects benefit military and veteran organizations and have brought over $60,000 under her leadership. In addition to making costumes for herself, she also makes them for friends and family as well as takes on commissions. She’s also worked on several fan films based on Star Trek, Judge Dredd, etc. Joe has also had the pleasure of working with ThinkGeek on commercials advertising Star Trek products!  You can see her work all over the web, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Joe lives in the Washington DC area and loves to travel, spend time with friends and family, and of course build costumes

T_Poolio Cosplay



A Delaware cosplayer that sews and crafts his own costumes. He started out with Marvel Now Deadpool and has branched out to many other characters. His latest costumes are Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Casey Jones from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC Pantheon Flash, Lie Ren from RWBY as well as a few casual cosplays. T_Poolio strives to bring positivity to the Cosplay Community as well as challenging himself with learning new skills with each new cosplay he makes. He has been featured in magazines such as Cosplay Culture Magazine and Totally Driven.

Photo Credit: HeroHotties

Shelby VanValk


Shelby is a stand out seamstress in the cosplay community. Her special talents include creating costumes from scratch. She finds inspiration through recycling and refashioning clothing and fabrics she finds while thrifting. Her creations include a Victorian-era take on Harley Quinn, Queen Amidala with a self-made R2D2, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, Dean Hardscrabble from Monster’s University, and the unbeatable Squirrel Girl.



A Delaware cosplayer and vivid fan of both RWBY and Disney’s Frozen, her name stems from a combination of the two fandoms (Ember Cecilia and Arendelle). Emberarendelle first started cosplaying as Princess Anna from Disney’s Frozen. From there she expanded her cosplays to include Dark Phoenix from X-Men, Nick Wild from Zootopia, Yang and Nora from RWBY and her latest pride and joy Lilith from Borderlands. You can find Emberarendelle at Thy Geekdom Con Helping with the masquerade Contest.



Catsiy has been being attending conventions and cosplaying for 17 years. Starting in 2002 she's made a variety of costumes from many different fandoms. She has won awards as well as being a Craftsmanship judge and Performance judge throughout the years. She's been on convention staff running hall cosplay and helping with Masquerades. Making everything herself while focusing on making her costumes as accurately as possible.

Being creative and making new friends is her favorite part of cosplay!

Photo credits: Blanko

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