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Enjoy making your own costumes? Want to be judged by professional cosplayers on your craftsmanship? Enjoy well run and fun competitions? This is absolutely the event for you! For the Masquerade click here.

Thy Geekdom Con Hall Cosplay Contest Rules and Regulations


In order to enter the Thy Geekdom Con Hall Cosplay Contest, you must read the following rules and regulations. You will be able to register on-site but you are advised to arrive at the opening of the event.




All participants must have paid for entrance into the event. This must be done before going over to the Cosplay Sign Up table. All members of TGC staff are ineligible to compete in the Costume Contest.

There will be onsite registration for the Hall Cosplay Contest, if you didn't do so online. But be aware there are limited slots and onsite registration is not guaranteed. To ensure you have a slot please consider pre registering online for the Hall Cosplay Competition.

After registration you must be at the Pre Judging Room at the time designated by the judges, ready to go and in costume. If you have any special needs, please inform TGC staff prior to check-in.



All costumes must be at least 50% made or altered by the contestants themselves. If a contestant has commissioned their costume, the person who initially created the costume absolutely must be present during pre-judging to be eligible and the contestant will simply act as a model towards the costumes. The amount of the Costume made or altered will impact overall scoring.


Master: For all cosplayers that have won more than 2 major craftsmanship awards. The master division is comprised of cosplayers who feel comfortable with and are highly experienced in Hall Costume Contest competitions. Master division entrants display use of highly advanced technique and a level of polish and craftsmanship higher than that of journeyman or novice.


Journeyman: For all cosplayers who have won 1-2 major craftsmanship awards. This division is made for those with a higher skill level or more experience in competition as compared to the novice level, but do not reach the level of experience or the highly advanced and technical skill set of the master category


Novice: For all beginner cosplayers who have never participated in a contest before OR have won no major craftsmanship awards.


Youth: A division for any participants 13 and under. Costumes may be made with the help of a parent/legal guardian. If entered costume was made 100% by a parent/ legal guardian, the parent must enter under their respective adult division, with their child acting as the costume's model.

Best novice, journeyman, master and best in show awards qualify as major awards. Judges awards and superlative awards (I.e best makeup, largest prop, etc.) are not classified as major awards. A Novice entry may opt to register and compete at a higher level (Journeyman or Craftsman) if they wish. If costume craftsmanship is determined to be comprised of techniques that fit at a level higher than level entered (such as successful resin casting or advanced worbla work on a novice cosplayer who have never competed) judges may boost the contestant up to an appropriate division matching their skill level.



 All genres of costumes from cartoons, comics, video games, anime, TV/Film, are allowed. The only requirement is that the source material is recognized as an officially released design. Competitors will be expected to provide the judges with at least one picture of their source material. AU, “alternate universe” or other fan redesigns will not be allowed as a large portion of judging is based on accuracy, as it is not possible to verify to accuracy to source materials as they may be altered.

All costumes must abide by the Thy Geekdom Con Attendee Rules. If a costume is deemed acceptable for the convention according to established policies, then it is acceptable for the Costume Contest. However, if a policy violation is discovered, that entry will be disqualified.


Each contestant may present one and only one costume.

Purchased, professionally made, or rented costumes are prohibited for the contest. If a cosplay/costume violates this rule, the entry will be disqualified. However If you are the model for a costume that was made by someone else, the person who made the costume MUST be present to explain its construction. 


You will be judged on a variety of criteria, including craftsmanship, accuracy, skill, and presentation. Judges will ask you several questions pertaining to the creation and craftsmanship of your costume, please answer truthfully! You are not expected to be in character for the Hall Cosplay Contest judging.

Judges expect to give every contestant around 2 minutes to tell them about their costume and its construction. Everything is being done to minimize wait times during pre-judging, please be patient while waiting and understand that the time taken to judge is to give everyone a fair chance.

All entries are strongly encouraged to bring reference material for their costume(s). While we will not turn away entries that do not bring reference material, the absence of reference material will greatly affect your final score. Not all judges know all characters, so it is in everyone's best interest to bring a color picture (or several) if at all possible. The reference should depict the details of the costume you are presenting. We will be keeping reference materials that are brought to judging, so please make sure to bring physical copies of your references.

All contestants will get a chance to walk on the Main Stage to briefly pose and show off their costume after which the winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on the Main Stage. All trophies and awards will be handed out during this time. Keep in mind that if it’s not allowed at the convention, it’s not allowed during your walk on.

The Costume Contest Coordinators have full authority to request a change to a costume or skit for any reason. Refusal to make the requested change will disqualify the person or group from the competition.

All decisions made by the Costume Contest Coordinators are final.

Awards will be given as follows:

1a) Best Master

1b) 2nd Place Master

1c) 3rd Place Master


2a) Best Journeyman

2b) 2nd place journeyman

2c) 3rd place journeyman


3a) Best Novice

3b) 2nd Place Novice

3c) 3rd Place Novice


Best Youth


Judges Awards (each judge will give out 1 award)


If any contestant becomes unruly and disrupts or interferes with the Costume Contest at any time, they will be disqualified and asked to leave. If they continue to be disruptive they will be escorted out of the venue by a Thy Geekdom Con staff member.

Please consider leaving personal items in your hotel room, locked car, or with a trusted friend. Thy Geekdom Con and its staff will not be held responsible for any items left unattended while you are on stage or during judging.

While no changes to these rules are planned, certain circumstances may require that the rules be changed. Any changes to the rules will be made public. Please keep yourself well informed by checking out Thy Geekdom Con website periodically up to the event.

By registering for the Cosplay contest, all participants agree to allow Thy Geekdom Con to use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.